Perelandra – A Quick Note

Looking back on my articles on Out of the Silent Planet, my biggest regret is leaving out page numbers. Granted there are a lot of different printings of the book but if I had placed page numbers when I referenced a specific point in the narrative I could find that spot more easily, as well as others with the same printing as I had.

So notes on Perelandra will contain page numbers. I am using a 2003 Scribner paperback and will put the picture below. Its a fairly ugly cover. The picture on the cover is quite nice, but the surrounding area and the font… On the Ug Scale it gets a solid 1. (The Ug scale is from 0 to 5). Actually I couldnt find it a picture online of my book. But it looks about like this:


Just the top and bottom dont have that border, but the top border and shading behind Lewis’ name is worse. And the fonts are a little different. But still a 1 on the Ug scale.


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