That Hideous Strength

So I took a break from this project, obviously. I wanted to read some other things.

A few notes before I start:

One – the edition I’m reading is a Scribner edition and it looks like this: 51qy8pnfsal-_sy344_bo1204203200_

That’s for the page numbers. If you have another edition, the page numbers will be off.

Secondly I just want to explain that this book will be a little harder because of the length and the length of the chapters. This book has 17 chapters in about 370 pages, so that’s about 21 pages per chapter. Silent Planet had 22 chapters and a post-script in about 150 pages, so you are looking at more like 6 pages per chapter on average. Perelandra was in between on chapter length, but closer to Silent Planet. All that to say that postings will be less often and I may even break down some of the chapters; I don’t know. I’m just going to get started and see where it goes.

I also wanted to comment on the cover art and invite anyone who knows much about it to comment further. The picture is by Kuniko Craft and I really like it. It contrasts a lush plant filled landscape with a desolate crater-covered one. Life and death. Sterility and Virility. It really fits the story well. Finding a picture for a cover that fits well and is not just a scene is not easy, but it works quite well here. (Its been a few years since my last reading of That Hideous Strength, but I can’t recall a scene that would be depicted by this picture. I may be wrong.) The artist is Japanese, born in 1940. She has a wikipedia page and a website. She has done a lot of fantasy type illustrations among other things. I think it was done specifically for the book, but I’m not sure.

There is a short preface written by Lewis, but I’m going to visit that in a separate post.


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