That Hideous Strength – Chapter Two – Section Four


This sections recounts Mark’s journey to the NICE at Belbury and Janes journey to St. Anne’s. Mark rides with Feverstone in his car; Feverstone is a bit frisky at the wheel. Jane goes quietly by train.


I find the description of the drive to Belbury quite comical. It seems, to me, that the Dick Devine of OOTSP, would drive this kind of car in this manner. Its so modern-man-ish. I feel that I pick up that this is a non-traditional form of transportation especially for that time and place. I think that’s what stands out the most, and I imagine it stands out much less to me – growing up in post-muscle-car America than it would to a contemporary of Lewis.

Contrast that to what seems to be a slow, calm and peaceful journey for Jane on a very traditional mode of transportation. And its not that trains had been around for several generations, but they had been embraced as a major means of mass-transit, not unlike the automobile is in contemporary USA. I can’t speak for other parts of the world where I know trains and buses are quite common, likely moreso. Jane’s timidity in approaching St. Anne’s is contrasted with Mark’s almost racing to Belbury.


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