That Hideous Strength – The Liquidation of Anachronisms – Section 2 (Chapter 4.2)


Mother Dimble is awakened in the night by Jane shouting in her bad dream. Jane recounts her dream, one of a man being flagged down while driving a car and subsequently beaten to death.


Such violence! This is almost McCarthy-esque. This will be proof to the reader, and likely to Jane though I can’t recall, that Miss Ironwood is right about Jane’s “vision,” that there is nothing wrong with her, nothing to be cured anyway.

I’m not sure about the meaning of this: When Dimble asks if Jane can get back to sleep, she responds, “Oh, rather.” I’m not up on my British English enough to know whether she means she can rather easily get back to sleep or she had rather not even try. ‘Rather’ can be an intensifier (This is a rather short post.), but it can mean ‘in stead of’ something. I think here it is an intensifier, but I’m unsure. I don’t think its a major point, but it would comment on how Jane is handling her gift of vision. If she can get back to sleep rather easily, then I would say she is beginning to embrace the vision, or at least she is coping with it quite well, having spoken to Miss Underwood. If, on the other hand, she is ready to attempt anything rather than getting back to sleep, then I would say she is still struggling quite a bit. Again, I think she is embracing the vision and is using rather as an intensifier here, but I’m rather unsure.


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