This is a blog dedicated to reading and discussing CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy, begun July 2016, concluding in… TBD.

The Space Trilogy is:

Out of the Silent Planet, first published in 1938, over 10 years before the first of the Chronicles was published, tells the story of Elwin Ransom who is captured by the dastardly duo – Weston and Devine – and taken to Mars. They plan to trade him to the Martians for gold which is plentiful. But eventually Ransom discovers their plans are more horrific than a simple trade for gold – they plan to take over Mars, as a first step to taking over other planets in an ever expanding conquest on the part of humanity. Ransom befriends the native martians and learns of the eldil – spiritual beings who inhabit our universe. He manages, with help, to gain the upper hand over Weston and Devine and returns to earth with a mission to foil their future plans. The story is told by a third person who represents Lewis, a close friend of Ransom.

Perelandra, 1943, follows Ransom on a voyage to Venus where he meets and defends the Queen from his recent enemy, Weston. The battle, epic and fought on a metaphysical as well as physical level, is a true test for the hero who returns to his home planet and shares the experience, once again, with the narrator.

That Hideous Strength, 1945, follows a husband and wife who take divergent paths as a battle develops between traditional western Christian St Anne’s lead by the now wounded Ransom, and the N.I.C.E. who are trying to remake the world through science. Due to the injury he suffered in Perelandra, Ransom takes a lesser role in this final chapter, letting his new found friends, including a bear and a resurrected ancient, carry on a most unorthodox struggle against their new-found foe.